Investment Sales

Buyer Representation

We go beyond just finding properties that are available for sale. We help our clients review and identify properties that meet our clients’ IRR, cash-on-cash, cap rate requirements, risk tolerance profiles and investment objectives.

We guide our clients through every step of the buying process: gathering and assisting with review of the due diligence information, soliciting bids for title surveys and environmental reports, tracking the timeline of the contract, and guiding clients through financing and closing processes.

Seller Representation

We do not simply put properties on the market—we work with our clients on analyzing how the leases at the property can be structured or modified to achieve the highest sales price. Because we understand criteria of various types of buyers—institutional, private equity funds, REITs, family offices, EB-visa investors, and local investors—we have the ability to position your property early in the way that it will meet the criteria of the most likely and highest paying buyer.

1. Who pays the real estate commission?
The short answer is—whoever makes money from the transaction. In most states, it is customary for sellers to pay commission, unless agree otherwise. In commercial transactions, sales commissions are usually paid at closing.
2. What are the key terms of a commercial sales contract?
To learn more about the key terms of a commercial sales contract, view our section SALES 101 (BÁN HÀNG 101)